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Miracle Journal
Self Love Guided Journal + 2021 Planner

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Miracle Journal is divided into two parts. The first part is a guided journal (The Stargazer) and the second part is Monthly Planner 2021 (The Daydreamer). Specially designed for all the dreamers with creative and curious mind.

The creation of man consists of four realms:
The Body, The Mind, The Heart, The Soul.

The main purpose of this Miracle Journal is to REALIGN, RECONSTRUCT, RECONNECT your four realms.
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Customer Reviews
Razzi ibn Rijal

good wrapping,fast service,and good book,setiap bait yang dilontarkan smampu untuk menyelinap masuk ke pelusuk qalbu

21 February 2021
Nurul Ain Fahimah Samsir

one word - pretty

6 February 2021
Alani Fatini

ship delivery is so fast by this team & DHL courier! both of them are good service. the book is so nice. i didn't even imagine it would be this pretty & very overwhelmed to read. i love it to the fullest! thank you!!!

3 February 2021
Bahjah Ulwani

thank you for the tiptop service:) item arrived as ordered. first experienced tho but not disappointed. will repurchase soon in syaa allah

1 February 2021
Diyana Aini

Unik. Cantik. ❤️

28 January 2021
Diyana Aini

Sesuai untuk santapan emosi.

28 January 2021
Bibi Dalilah

Kecil comell jee. Terima kasihhh awaknyaaaaa

20 January 2021
Rahimatul Hazreena

I am so excited when received it!!! vintage wrap is so beautiful !!

20 January 2021
Arina Balqis

i love it so much

7 January 2021
Farahsyaza Yamani

Ayat yg sangat berpuitis dan menarik

3 January 2021